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    Falling into Darkness
    Rising into light
    I'll never leave
    This endless plight

    To help my neighbor
    To strike him down
    In the middle
    I just might drown

    Looking up at Heaven
    Glaring down at Hell
    Both of them enchant me...
    Their everlasting spell

    To foster peace
    To go to war
    Both of them truly seem
    Tempting to implore

    Praising generosity
    Spreading dreadful hate
    Will I be a godly man
    Or Evil Incarnate?

    Good chi and bad
    Yang and Yin
    No matter the choices
    I'll never win

    This is a repost of my POTM submission.

    Please tell me what you thought of it.

    P.S. The last stanza was a last minute addition. (If anyone thinks the poem would be better off without it, please lemme know)

    Thanks to _gwenibe_ for this awesome sig!

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    Re: Choice

    If you've already posted this in the POTM forum, there's no need for it here. POTM entries are already open for replies. Also, per the rules:

    Do not repetitively post the same thing. Do not post the same topic in multiple forums as all such threads will be removed.
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