I made my choice and got stuck in the middle.
I wanted not to fall so hard this time.
You never even knew you had me then,
and i never seem to be able to keep away from you.

I had made a choice and well i am confused.
I am feeling all these emotions
Everything at the same time,
Now you have me reeling and feeling.

I made a choice to try and stay away,
Yet it hurt me more than i can ever say.
I hear all these things,
Now i don't know what to do.
I am so afraid of loosing you.

I had made a choice to stay by your side,
now my heart feels like
I am dying from the inside.
Now i truly know , I can never loose,
what was never truly mine.

I have made a choice to keep quiet
And just stay by your side.
While i know she still haunts you
and this hurts me it kills me
yet i can not leave you like this,
The choice i have made was my promise.