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Thread: Christmas death

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    Christmas death

    I have you were I want you, my foot on your neck...

    With the weapon of my choice...

    This Christmas
    Was met to be special..

    just me and you.

    not what was in your Pocket ... or was in your mind.

    why did you want to hurt me so?

    what have I done to make you hate me?

    I used to cave in on your chest...

    tell you all my Problems , hopes and dreams...

    you were my rock, my only one.

    i loved you so...

    but never to get in return ...

    i dont know why i spent my time over you...

    is it because i still love you...?

    i hope not....

    right now i wish you dead as i pearce this kinfe into your neck...

    i hoped you would die horribly ... but maybe not my own hands.

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    Re: Christmas death

    here are a lot of strong emotions and feelings coming from the words.......mostly anger and hate in my opinion.....
    I like the way that you expressed them on paper and though the words
    Great job!!!

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    Re: Christmas death

    Oh wow! @.@ I've read AO poems all day and this is the first one this angry... Hate with passion... Really nice ^^ lol This is much different from everything else I've read... one line stranzas... it is just very interesting ^^ Well this again is the case when I can't say much about what to change because this is just very different... But I sure know that the rythm was nice so it was nice to read it. Well I hope to see more from you equinn!!!! ^^

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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