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Thread: The Chronicles of the Kleptomaniac: Part I

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    The Chronicles of the Kleptomaniac: Part I

    This is a story that me and White_Mage88 wrote for our second block class. These characters are based on real people. We're going to continue it and make it a series. hehehe.... Enjoy!

    We decided to go to the land of sparkling sand, Egypt. We took ourselves, Justin (Julia’s fiancé), Chris (Julia’s best friend), and kleptomaniac Steven. We rode there on donkeys, but when we got there, the donkeys died from constipation. This was because we fed them all our goat cheese. We were hungry so we ate them. Donkey with a side of sand tastes good. We traded donkey dung, disguised as chocolate, for camels, which we rode to the pyramids.

    When we got to the pyramids, at nightfall that night, we attended the festival of the pyramids and Steven turned up missing. We went on a pyramid tour and Justin used his kung-fu on a guard and we snuck down a secret passage. It led to a room with a familiar looking mummy with glasses. After Chris poked the mummy with his dagger, the mummy giggled like a girl. To our surprised, we found that it was kleptomaniac Steven with gold bangles lining his arms and a crown on his head. He also had some wrappings around himself over his shirt that said “Ra rocks my face off,” written on his potato bag for a shirt in ink. We drug him out of the coffin and stuffed the other guy back in then went back out. Steven started throwing up the golden jewelry that he swallowed.

    Suddenly a guy named Cole walked by, looking for girls, and Chris pushed him into a quicksand hole. He started yelling out “No! I just got off probation!” Cole sank anyway as we ate olives and watched. That night, we slept in the tent that Steven had stolen from the camel ranch.

    The next day, we got up early and found that Steven was gone again. We all looked up to the Sphinx in the rising sun to see something hanging from the Sphinx’s nose. It was kleptomaniac Steven with a chisel, chipping away at the nose. Suddenly his foot slipped and he clung to the nose and then they both fell, the nose landing on top of Steven. Chris, with his extra human strength, pulled the nose off him and tossed it to the side. Justin and his ninja speed quickly covered the nose with the tent and Steven popped back up.

    “Now where are we gonna sleep?” Sabrina asked.

    “Under the sand!” Julia answered.

    “Darn you, kleptomaniac Steven, darn you!” Chris said, pulling out his slingshot.

    “Let’s take a cruise and we can sleep on the boat!” Steven suggested.


    Later that day, we all boarded the Niletanic ship. It was a new ship that was unsinkable. Everything went fine until a weird boy named Cody popped his head in our cabin door, made an odd face, waved around his hands and said “I like pudding!” This was the crazy guy who thought he could see the future.

    There was a sudden lurch in the ship and everyone rushed to the hall. When we got to the top of the ship, we realized that the captain was tied in the corner and Steven had stolen the ship. He was steering so badly that the ship crashed onto the shore, completely destroying the Egyptian landmark that told the secret to life. We all looked to Steven.

    “Well you did it now!” Justin said, watching him carefully.

    “Oops,” Steven remarked. A crazy girl with extraordinary hair appeared in the captain’s cabin and began yelling with her bad temper. Justin took out his ninja weapons and chased her to the edge of the ship, where she jumped off. Her extraordinary hair color turned the Nile red. We all shrugged and got off the ship.

    That night we prepared to leave. We tied the Sphinx nose to the camels to drag along. When Steven went to get on his camel, it spit in his eye. We grabbed his bags of stolen gold and rode off into the sunset.
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    Hehehe...That's the best story I think we've ever written...okay maybe just the strangest. I can't wait untill we start writting part 2. It still make me laugh no matter how many times I read it.

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    very cool story i liked the adventure in it ,and using me as a part of the stort was awesome i could picture y self puching cole in the quicksand ,this story was great , i cant wait to read the next part
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    That was a good and odd story. It had alot of adventure in it and that steven sure did do alot of crazy things. I look forward to reading your next story.

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