Roses wrapping trees.
bright green stems and all.
Leaves pulse from tree trunks.
The roses red as a rose can be.

The thorns on the stem,
red tipped and sturdy.
while the roses cling to the trees,
with all of thier might.

Wild roses fill the clearing edge,
making the scene from the middle,
as much red with flora,
as green with vegitation.

Some roses blossom,
and some roses are yet to do so.
Some roses big and full,
and some are not so huge.

This place is my place where,
my heart lies and loves.
It will always be here,
when I am found someday.

If you find the forest,
and find the red of the trunks,
then walk inside,
and see the beauty.

See what I've seen,
everyday in my life.
See the serene flower scene,
of the wild roses here.

Learn to live and love,
like a true rose is meant to be.
learn to be alive,
like the clearing or roses.

White Rose