Close your eyes

I want you to close your eyes
And never think of tears as good byes

Imagine me, standing by your side
And don’t let your smiles come and hide

Imagine a star up in the sky
You may ask why?

Imagine a moment, which you wish you could stop in time
Words that seem like one should mime

Imagine a song without its lyrics
It’s like a poem which lost its meaning

Imagine a life, so lost and painful with the knife
It’s like You and I, reading our fate which we wish to decipher

Imagine a promise, without it’s faith to be believed in
It’s the words of people long forgotten

Imagine what You and I would be
If we lost all hope to see

Now imagine why God brought us here
With my smile I walk so near

Open those eyes
“We don’t live in lies”

Your eyes see dreams
Sometimes makes you wish you could scream
You see all what’s to come
Do not fear, there is all but one

You look me in the eyes
You tell me you love me, what a surprise

I look into your heart, your most obedient soul
And tell you I love you, you make me whole

Close your eyes
And let me dry your silent cries

My soft kiss
Leaves you in a bliss
One which thou cannot dismiss