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Thread: Closure

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    I am so sorry, I apologize.
    For leaving you when it was my occasion to rise,
    For making you feel I didn't care,
    for making it seem i left.

    There were somethings going on,
    I couldn't tell you why.
    At that time i had to protect you,
    From a liar and a shrew.

    I come knocking again,
    This time not asking for love.
    I simply want to say I am sorry.
    I just can only be a friend.

    I can't love, not for this time I think.
    I can be your best friend as always.
    I'll fight for you till the end.
    I can't love you not till i love myself.

    I am sorry, my apologies
    for leaving so soon.
    I have comeback for closure
    I came back for the friend.

    Saving our friendship
    is what matters to me.
    I don't care if the liar
    comes back and bothers me.
    "In your arms is where i will be, I love you till my forever ends."
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    Re: Closure

    Great poem. It flows really well when I read it. Whomever you wrote this about you care about a lot. Don't let the "liar and shrew" beat ya. *In the Rob Schneider Beaner voice* JOO CAN DO EET!!!

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