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Thread: Colors Of Earth

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    Colors Of Earth

    The colors of Earth, form an ark to cut through sky.
    All shades manifest as time and terrain go by.
    In us flows the hue of life a liquid so red.
    Beige: Color on patterns of a dried up lake bed.

    Pink at sunset, delightful to a sailing guy.
    Brown: mountains that reach up to grab the eagles eye.
    Dark in clouds or among stars causes minds to dread.
    Colors of the Earth.

    White specks under azure ceilings move as winds sigh.
    Above the blue and green but below red birds fly.
    In yellow fields men have labored to keep us fed.
    As red turns purple it is time to rest our head.
    Colors of Earth.
    Wrote this riding a sugar buzz in my hotel room in Asakusa. it is a roundeau agai n.  

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    Re: Colors Of Earth

    Hey, at least you're using the sugar buzz for something constructive. interesting poem.

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