No one ever said that the menacing stare of reproachful bandits could thieve the posture off my very back and send it falling into the skyless dawn. The incantation to steal my delirium could only be acquired if the Ace of Four Seasons bore his seal onto the bandit-king's diamond broadsword. The Ace however, remembered his dull past with my company and gladly donated his sacred mark to the cause of impurity.
Mounting war against my first anchor whom held the bonds of our very existence in his rational hands the great King of Reason withstood the first trial of Pandora. He rose his great long blade into the air countless times and never did his arm tire. Foe after foe the first anchor advanced further along the path of longing and with each step he imprinted our souls more brilliantly into the silk of time.
Becoming restless and angry at this insult to his name, the Ace allowed for his precious, well hidden second seal to be bestowed upon the brow of the bandit-king.
Not only was he immeasurably powerful in strength but now he was the clever fox who trotted away victoriously, rabbit in mouth. One equal stood in the universe to rival his stunning wit, the Queen of Platonic Fraud whom was my second anchor. She carried with her a tome of all knowledge that spoke to her the words of a time passed where if you believed, fire might spring from you hand.
The noble Queen whom understood the realness of all things in her wistful eyes raised many voices against the second trial of Pandora the bandit-king had issued. Lost deep within a labyrinth she had only her wit the Queen laughed and walked through the walls on the true path and out the North exit.
This only angered the Ace of Four Seasons further for he declared himself a volatile party in the terrible war against...

not a story. there just aren't any stanzas. if this gets deleted i will cry.