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Thread: Consuming Loneliness

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    Consuming Loneliness

    Coldness chills my bones,
    My body heat starts to fail me.
    Unable to move any further,
    Reaching the limit.
    I collapse to the frozen floor,
    Shivering to keep alive.
    Watching my breath leave me,
    Wish, waiting to be rescued.
    Set free from this icy prison,
    Taking away this consuming loneliness.

    This is not only my 100th poem (yeah I count them) but my first poem in a long time. Please comment away
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    Re: Consuming Loneliness

    Wow Sazzy thats actually pretty good even i can't come up with stuff like that anymore..oh and congrats on your 100TH POEM
    Assistant Commander *Master Ninja*

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    Re: Consuming Loneliness

    Yay! 100th POEM!!!!! WHOO!!!!! Go SAZZY!!!!!!!

    I love this and also the type of words you used. Description of setting was awesome too^^ Short but Excellente! Keep it up^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah, Bye.

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