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Thread: Crimson Stars-The Price of Unity Chapter 1-[Story]

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    Crimson Stars-The Price of Unity Chapter 1-[Story]

    In space, all is quiet. The destruction of a million lives does not so much as create a ripple in the void. Such silence creeps into the hearts of those who dare cross this chasm. Their hearts grow callous with deeds of hatred and cruelty. The stars give life to the universe, but at this distance their light feels fleeting. The feeling of nothingness is all consuming and slowly destroys the minds of those who dare to venture here till only the darkness and cruelty in their hearts is left.

    Through this abyss of darkness, a ship glided upon the winds of atomic energies. It flew through the chasm between the stars with a will that had dominated all that it had seen. Of all creatures born in this universe, the vessel took the shape of the darkest and cruelest. It was crafted in the image of a giant snake, the antithesis of cold predation and poison. Its hull even gleamed with the scales of the serpent. The rays of distant suns glinted on its shiny skin, reflecting a ghastly green aura around the ship.

    Two malevolent red eyes stood at the head of the ship, almost seeming to echo the insidious thoughts of the beasts that lay within it. With infinite patience the ruby gems took in the surrounding environment, just waiting for its prey to cross so that it may strike. The jaw instinctively opened, as if sensing some prey. Its huge fangs held weapons of devastating power. Instead of simple poison sacks, the starship held within it arms of destruction and annihilation that could incinerate planets and stars.

    Dozens of sharp fangs filled the ship’s mouth, each containing a powerful warhead. Instead of a docile poison, these fangs held the harnessed powers of the stars, and the atom controlled. The sharp teeth stood ready to bite into its foes, and deliver new venom; a dark attack that would rip its foe to shreds and leave not a shred remaining. The ship crept through space, moving like a true beats and not a harmony of metal and plastic. No ship in the known galaxy could challenge this serpent’s supremacy of the heavens, yet the beasts that lived inside it were even more notorious.

    Hidden deep within the ship lurked monstrosities of nature. They were the greatest murders have birthed in the cosmos, and took great rapture in that knowledge. Standing at just over six feet tall, these beasts were enormous constructions of flesh and bone. Each weighed over three hundred pounds and was all muscle, claws, and fangs. Their claws could rip through the strongest metal, even that of their ship’s hull.

    Fangs of incredible length and width lined their jaws, showcasing the diet of the beasts. These teeth were nearly four inches long, and they desired to crush blood and flesh. Hidden in the back of their mouths small poison sacks stood ready to pump venom into their prey. They consumed meat, and preferred their prey live. The beasts from Liekris loved to feel the warm heat of their dinner, and felt soothed by their beating hearts. The unlucky animals they consumed could not even scream in horror as the Leker jaws slowly crushed them.

    The Lekers were a cold people, even more deadly and conniving then the ship they flew. Their minds and spirit were dark, long before they had ever journeyed into space. The cold vacuum surrounding them cold not touches their cruel hearts; whatever kindness they had was long gone. They were predators, and had no use for petty emotions. Hunger was all they knew; a hunger for blood and flesh. In millions of years they had not changed, their instincts still drove them to bite and gnash their foes.

    The red eyes of the reptiles were truly evil, and were the most disturbing feature of the Lekers. Those ruby gems held a darkness that no carnivore ever knew, a cruelty that no other beast ever held. With insidious intent those eyes had beheld the slaughter of billions, and the enslavement of even more. In the eyes of other races the Lekers were evil, but the reptiles thought they were just having some fun. Their “fun” involved genocide and cold-blooded murder, but who were others to judge them.

    Through the windy and dark corridors of the ship, a lowly Leker hurried. It ran as fast as it could, moving with obvious purpose. Its scales were a shade of cyan that fine mix between blue and green. The Leker was small, by its species standards, standing a mere five feet tall. For this reason, and this reason alone this Leker had been judged to be inferior. It was of the lowest caste imaginable, the servant caste.

    Leker civilization was split between six orders, each dependent on birth. The highest and most honorable class was the noble. They wore brilliant red gems in their forwards, to symbolize their eternal knowledge. These crystals looked identical to their two regular eyes, and seemed to view the world with an all-knowing gaze. The hides of the nobility were light neon green that seemed to glow in the dark. This level of Leker made all decisions for the rest of the species. They considered themselves above the rest, to be somehow better.

    Many noble Lekers weren’t quite as noble as their name implied. They took this superiority complex a step further and treated all other castes like garbage. They often torture them for simply failing to finish a job on time, or not doing it well enough. These Lekers' arrogance was even greater among the Royal family, which included the current Limera and his direct family. Even towards their own class these reptiles expressed great hatred and cruelty. No one was their equal; no creature was nearly as god as they were. Consequently, the Royal Family was greatly hatred and murder attempts were common.

    For this arrogance two princes had paid the ultimate price. They were both found murdered in their private chambers. Their bodies were shredded and mutilated, with internal organs removed. An autopsy later revealed the two were still alive when they were butchered, a process which took several hours. This gesture was but another sign of discontent within the Leker society. It was only one of many incidents, which showed the times were changing, all because of the Galactic Alliance.

    The Lekers had known only absolute monarchy for millenniums. Even before the first wheel was formed or the first tool was carved, there was the Liarma. The shackles of tradition and the threat of imminent death kept all ideas under lock and key. Never was an opinion announced, or a thought spoken that went against his rule. Then one day a Terran ship bumbled into the Shirkara Quadrant.
    They were members of an exploratory body, one whose mission was to explore unknown space and discover intelligent life. Like the Magellan and Columbus of old they dreamed of finding new lands, and humans most certainly found it. Unfortunately that intelligence has a fleet of warships pointed at them, and a certain dislike for strangers. First contact was not exactly pleasant, pleasant being the discourse of anything but laser fire.

    Thus the rocky relationship between the humans and the Galactic Alliance, with the Lekers began. Yet even if the first contact had gone well, the Lekers would still have treated the Galactic Alliance with suspicion and hatred. It was in their nature to fight. Their blood lust called for them to enter the melee of battle and spill blood. This desire overrides any thoughts they had for peace, making it seemingly impossible.

    The Galactic Alliance represented something the Lekers neither wanted nor understood freedom. The ability to say as one wants, to do as they wish, but most of all to question. This concept rocked Leker society to its core. The once mighty and invincible pillar of the Liarma had cracks growing around its base. The waters of distrust and fear began to erode Leker civilization. Slowly it was wearing away from the bottom up.

    The Liarma became alarmed at the going tide of dissent sweeping his world. His suspicions arose even further when his two sons LiKera and Meritis were murdered. The Emperor felt an emotion he had long forgotten, fear. He feared for his children, his friends, but mostly for himself. This was the first time in Leker society when the rule of the elite was questioned.

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    Re: Crimson Stars-The Price of Unity Chapter 1-[Story]

    Crimson Stars Chapter 1 Part 2

    The Liarma made an unprecedented move and ordered the creation of a sixth caste. Its only duty would be to protect the Leker Noble Family, and to them alone would it share its allegiance. At all times at these Lekers would guard the Noble Lekers, from any threat. Instantly it was deployed around all of the Royal Family, even those of distant blood. This act did nothing to appease the masses.

    Upon the distant and mightily Leker war bird, this was also true even so far removed from the dangers of court intrigue. Both of Grimar’s brothers had dismissed the threat of assassination, and paid the price with their lives. The Crown Prince chose not to make the same mistake and stood guarded by an entire platoon of the Guard Caste. No one save them could enter his chambers, and any that dare to break this unspoken rule would be killed on the spot.

    Yet the lowly Leker braved this unspoken rule, and approached the entrance to Grimar’s chambers. Without a sound, two massive figures emerged from the darkness, as if the embodiment of death. They were both over eight feet tall, making the slave even smaller in comparison. Their entire bodies glinted in the dim lights of the warship, showcasing the armor that they were. From head to tail they were covered in Neo-Titanium, a metal used in the hulls of starships. It could stop any projectile and absorb huge amounts of energy, rendering its wearers near god-like status on the battlefield.

    Beneath the metal, the scales of the two guards glowed a deep crimson their bodies, unlike any other Lekers, held a distinct red hue. All Lekers who looked upon them felt an indescribable fear, as if the caste exhumed some kind of nameless terror. For that color was reserved only for those who were closest to Liarma, and even then only displayed in ceremonial gems. It was symbol of their power that they answered to none save the god-emperor.

    Before the slave could admire them further or even blink a Mikara blade was thrust against his throat.

    “Speak Worthless One, while you still have a tongue,” said the guard on the left.

    The lowly Leker stood paralyzed. He was unable to move, or even to think. All he was aware of was the presence of the knife on his throat. It was all that he could envision. This guard could kill him right there, with a simple move of the wrist. The Leker seemed blissfully unaware that inaction and silence would only get him killed that much faster.

    After what seemed like an eternity, the Leker responded.

    “I hav…..vv…….ve a messsssssssag….ged for Crown Prince Grim….Grim….Grimar,” stuttered the Leker. As he moved his mouth to speak, the slave felt the knife slip every time he drew a breath. This increased his breath rate and made him feel that pain even more. Even if the guard didn’t move the knife, the slave would probably gauge his own throat with it.

    “You impudent cur, how dare you address the Future God and Leader of Our World GRIMAR as Crown Prince! While he may not be here, I will not tolerate such insolence. Now call him by his full title. Do so before my hand moves of its own accord!”

    The slave quivered with fear. How could he be so foolish as to forget the court etiquette? Grimar was his soon to be god, not some ordinary Leker! He knew as every Leker knew, that the Royal Family was above him. They demanded unparalleled respect and reverence. The slave, on the other hand, was nothing. He was below everything, even the infidel humans.

    “I was impudent. I forgot my place. I am nothing but a tool to be used by his most Royal Highness, Son of the Lord of All Creation Beneath the Stars, and soon to be Supreme Emperor Grimar,” said the slave. “I only request that you leave me be so that I can be of some service to my Lord”.

    The slave felt the metal blade loosen against his throat. The guard seemed to relax his grip, somehow appeased. His face softened ever so slightly, the rage diminished by just a little.

    “Good, you know your place slave. Now hand me the message so that I can hand it to Grimar. I will make your death swift and painless.”

    At this the slave winced. How could the guard be angry with him for addressing the Crown Prince incorrectly and then addressing him as such? It was hypocrisy. Then the Leker realized the last thing the guard had said.

    “I will make your death swift and painless.”

    The guard was planning to kill him. For what! Was that small slip of the tongue enough to get him killed, even after the guard had referred to Grimar as such! The slave paused for a moment. What could he say to the guard that would keep him alive!? If he just gave the message, he would be slain on the spot. As the slave pondered, he was unaware of movement behind him.

    He felt his two arms grabbed from behind and held in an unbreakable vice grip. The second guard immobilized him. The slave vainly struggled to loosen himself, but was not nearly strong enough to free himself. The first guard approached him with the Mikara blade out. He felt that desire of it again, to spill blood.

    “Now if you won’t just come out and tell us where the message is, we will just have to dig around until we find it,” said the first guard. He grinned a most insidious smile, as if about to fulfill his heart’s inner desire. He lifted the sword above the slave’s head and dropped the blade.


    The Mikara blade stopped mere centimeters from the slave’s chest. If the guard had taken a moment longer to respond, the slave would have been dead. The crimson Leker had a face of incredible fury. He was about to fulfill his instincts and it was taken away from him. The guard made a gesture to the figure behind the slave and suddenly the cyan Leker was thrown against the wall.

    The slave felt sharp pain, worse than the blade against his throat. His entire body was nothing but searing pain. His vision was rapidly darkening, as he began to lose consciousness. He was awake just long enough to here one of the guards speak.

    “I will have my fun with you. I will take my time and slowly, ever so slowly, rip you apart. Don’t think you’ve escaped me. Your death is inevitable, it has only been delayed.” Then the slave saw only blackness.


    For long have I traveled, searching for new homes. So many failures and so few successes. I have seen hundreds of worlds and have colonized only ninety. More of me grow ever day on these worlds, adding to that which is I. I spread through the galaxy, always looking and always moving. Never can I stop, never can I rest. I must always move onward. The threat is always there. The danger ever present.

    Yet never have I met Another. We have never seen other life but I. There is no one else, but that which is me. I am alone, and have always been alone. Ever since the day We became aware, there was no one else. Yet we hope for another which I can meet. These Others must exist somewhere. It is impossible to be alone in the galaxy, to be the only One.

    How long have I searched? Has it been centuries, millennium or more? Time is such an ethereal concept to We. I do not watch time move on, nor do I care. We exist or I die, there is no Other. We have faced so many dangers, so many trials. I have lived through the death of my world and survived. All threats are removed, all dangers circumvented.

    Even if I found Another, could there be an Us. Could we somehow coexist and live together? Or would there only be danger and a threat? If I am harmed by them, if my existence is in peril there is no choice. We must survive, that is our only purpose. Yet still, I will try. If ever this life is found We will communicate with them. It will be up to them to decide, if there is to a Us or a they.

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