Alex was released out of the hospital a few days after he woke up. He spent the rest of his school year like he always did. It took a bit to readjust to his new life style because he could not do somestuff because he got shot. He finished his freshman year of highschool and was looking forward to a great summer. He and his parents bought tickets for an around the world cruise. Little did he know that the relaxing cruise would turn into a nightmare.

It was the thirty-fourth day on his one houndred and eight day cruise. He had a great time on the cruise. He met alot of new people and made new friends. The forecast for today however was heavy rain. He planed to stay in his room and do some work on his laptop. Nobody was expecting anything bad to happen. They faced worse weather not too long ago but this was different. Four rubber boats were in the ocean coming up to the cruise ship. They were a group of terrorist that the world did not know.

There were five men in each boat. They were covered in black wet suits and have kevlar vest. They had night vision goggles. They were carring an American built MP5 SubMachine Gun, they also had a 9mm Beretta straped on their legs. They had extra ammo. After this day the world would know their name. The boat was forced to slow down due to low visibility, this was perfect for the terrorists. They managed to get along side the boat and waited. It was now twelve and most of the people were in their rooms.

They quickly threw hooks up onto the boat. The hooks graped onto the rails of the boat. They quickly climbed up the side of the boat and got on top. There were now twenty well armed terrorist on the boat and nobody knew it. They all took out their MP5 and placed a silencer on it. They started to walk forward when a man working on the boat came out to take a smoke. He saw the men but before he could do anything one of the men shot him and he fell down dead.

They slowly and carefully made their way up to the deck. seventeen of the twenty men were all around the boat to secure it. The other three were outside the door of the deck. One of them opened the door and then other two rushed in and secured the deck. There were three people in the deck, the captain, radio operator and an engineer. The men forced the captain on the speaker. "Attention everyone, please do not be alarmed but out ship has been taken over by terrorist. Please remain inside your cabins and do not go outside" said the captain over the loudspeaker.

Alex was working on the computer when he heard the announcement. He couldn't belive his luck. First he was kidnapped and shot now he was on a ship that was taken over. He quickly lowered the screen of the computer and closed the lights out. He had a seperate room from his parents and he was thankful for this. He walked over to the the window and looked out careful not to be seen. He saw a man walking past his window. He had studied him carefully. The weapons and what he was wearing. The first thing that came to mind was if he should do anything or if he should stay back.

He decided to stay back and see what would happen. He laid down on his bed and decided to try to get some sleep but before he could he heard something in the other room. Gunfire, it may have been silenced but he still heard it. He quickly got out of bed and fixed the bed so it looked like someone was in bed. He looked around the room for a weapon. The only thing that he could find remotely to a weapon was a pen. He took the pen and crouched down near the door out of sight from anyone who walked in.

He waited then a few minutes and the door opened. He saw a man walk in. He was dressed the same as the guy that walked by his window. The man walked forward and closed the door to lower noise. He walked over to Alex's bed and held his MP5 out and got ready to fire. Alex quickly walked up behind the man and waited for him to fire. The man pulled the trigger and a burst of gunfire hit the bed. Alex acted fast as he stabed the pen into the man just below the jaw. The pen went through the skin and the man died.

Alex took the man and placed him behind his bed out of sight of anyone. He took MP5 and the pistol. He took the kevlar vest off the man and placed it on himself just in case. He also took the nightvision goggles knowing they would come in handy. He held the MP5 tightly and then started to walk outside.

To be continued....