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Thread: The Cruise Part 2

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    The Cruise Part 2

    ***Before you read this make sure you have read The Cruise Part 1. It is in FanFic section***

    Alex walked outside and the first thing he felt was the rain pouring down on him. He was right to bring the night vision goggles. It was dark out and the rain made the visiblity worse. He could barely see 10 feet infront of him. He quickly placed the night vision goggles over his eyes and soon the dark rainy night turned a bright green. He could see fine now but he still saw the rain. He knew this would be a disadvantage and an advantage.

    He walked slowly careful not to slip because of the wet floors. He ship was rocking back and forth at the same time making it hard for him. He kept walking forward trying not to think about what was going on. So many questions were going through his mind. Why did he decided to do this. Why did the terrorists decided to take over this boat. Also if he would get killed. He knew the kevlar would protect his chest from the small calibur rounds of an MP5 but a well placed bullet to the head would kill him instantly.

    He kept walking forward now soaking wet from the rain. This was the second time that this has happen to him in less then a year. He kept walking untill he got to a corner. He pressed his back against it and slid across it. He looked ahead and then quickly turned around to see across the corner. He had his MP5 pointed forward just in case. He saw no one.

    He figured that the leaders of the terrorist group was on the deck which was about three decks up. He cursed under his breathe knowing that any minute he could be shot. He forced himself to continue forward. He kept walking on the deck swaying with the boat. A giant wave hit the side of the boat where Alex was walking. The ship swayed to the right. He couldn't keep his balance and was thrown the to the right hitting the wall.

    Alex regain his balance after a few seconds. He was a bit dazed from hitting the wall. He shook his head and looked forward. It was clear no guards came out to see if something happened. He kept walking forward. In front of him was a turn that led to a hallway. He quickly turned around the corner and saw a guard smoking. The man didn't know what to think. Infront of him was a kid holding a gun. The man was confused and slow to react but Alex acted quickly. He took aim at the man's face and shot once. The man fell down dead. Alex was breathing heavily. This was the third life he had taken in a year. He didn't know how many more will folow.

    He lowered his gun down and started to walk forward. He saw the stairs that led up to the second floor of the boat. He walked up the stairs and emerged into another hallway. He was thankful for the hallways because there was no rain. He looked left and right not sure which way to go. He finally decided to go to the right. He began to walk forward when he felt something against his neck. It was cold steel, no it was a pistol. "Dont say anything and do what i say" said the man.

    Alex nodded. "Go into that room" said the man. Alex began to move forward thinking he will soon die. He walked into the room and the man closed the door. "Drop your weapons" said the man. Alex did what the man said and droped them. The man walked forward still pointing his pistol at Alex. He walked infront of him holding the pistol aimed at his head. Alex slowed hard and knew he was going to die.

    To be continued in Part 3

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    Re: The Cruise Part 2

    Love it!!!! Ok I post the comments I forgot to post
    ♥ (¯'·._.·[GEISHA ゲイシャ]·._.·'¯) ♥

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    Re: The Cruise Part 2

    i cant belive i missed this 1
    thats why the storie got kinda jumpy
    now all the stories are perfectas!!!!

    perdoname michelle!

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