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Thread: "Crying Led Me Owing" <Tanka>

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    "Crying Led Me Owing" <Tanka>

    Thanks to Peach for pointing out my mistake/mishap on the Tanka structure I thought I would just try to write one the right way... Thank You Peach!!! ^_^

    Love is all I know
    That's why the pain inside grows
    Tears stay at a flow
    A leaky faucet that's broke
    In every droplet hurt soaked

    "Led Me"
    Drenched in own regrets
    Loves' eyes dried up thoughts I kept
    Led me to forget
    Led me a path that's correct
    Led me to a life that's blessed

    In return I give
    My heart for helping me live
    I owe her that gift
    I am back to the old days
    A prisoner to Love's ways

    The heart can't lie... Truth is... I love you!!!

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    Re: "Crying Led Me Owing" <Tanka>

    I had to search for this poem you wrote... lol Ever since you told me you had written a poem explaining LOVE's hold on you & how it can affect one who is trapped in it's grasp & bring the best of the worst in someone... Meaning that love can bring you out of a slump, but also put you right back in it... That is why in your last couple of stanzas you are "back to the old days & a prisoner of love's ways"...

    I must say I am glad I took the time to come visit this site to see this poem you wrote... Thanks for the little hints to look for also even though I don't think I needed them cause, if no one can understand your writing you better believe that I can... ; )

    You know that I am fascinated with all your writings cause as the reader you have to loook in between the lines to catch the message...

    I must say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Sorry I haven't visited in a while... Been a lil' busy ( U know) lol Luv' ya'!!!

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