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Thread: Cupid's Letter

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    Cupid's Letter

    Dear Cupid,

    My heart needs maintenance
    I've been waiting forever so the answer isn't patience
    I know in time wounds will heal
    But my minutes & seconds are at a stand still
    My illusions of life is far from real
    I have all this love
    But no one for me to give

    Who will receive my most treasurable gift..?
    When will my gears of love switch transmission & shift..?
    I know I'll never find the answer
    So why are these questions uttering from my lips..?
    Maybe cause my soul is at a drift

    I must be crazy
    For me to think the "Deliverer of Love"
    Is a tormented individual or just plain lazy
    A long time ago I've stopped smelling the roses & daisies

    This might be just a job to you
    For me it is the essence of life & my whole existence too
    Real is truth just as I believe some over-time is due

    Don't despise me for speaking on what I feel
    But you are the reason for these emotions & this whole ordeal
    I am dying softly while time kills

    I apologize for giving you all this blame
    But ever since you hit me with your arrow
    I haven't been the same
    I know now that love is a dangerous game
    That it is wild & can not be tamed

    Thanks for the warning... NOT, but it wouldn't be right if I didn't thank you for all this PAIN!!!


    The heart can't lie... Truth is... I love you!!!

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    Re: Cupid's Letter

    Who will receive my most treasurable gift..?
    When will my gears of love switch transmission & shift..?
    Best line ever!! ^_^

    I like this poem a lot! They rhyme scheme is very clever and I like your wording very much. Your poem's structre was well thought out and the point of this work was very clear. A few grammatical errors aside, I'd say you've got yourself one hell of a poem!

    Kudos!! ~S

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    Re: Cupid's Letter

    Wow, that was a terrific poem indeed! I love it. But watch out for some grammatical errors. Overall, excellent job! ^^

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