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Thread: Dance of Wind And Flower Across Earth

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    Dance of Wind And Flower Across Earth

    In this place of that we dwell under the sky's dome.
    Some drift like airs wind. And oceans waves.
    And so the whole planet we call home.
    While others stay put, water and mountains slaves.

    For many are constrained by the terrain.
    No matter where we share out mothers joy and pain.

    As breeze starts to stir flowers bend in their stance.
    The current extends a hand to the land.
    And on a warm spring evening they dance.

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    Re: Dance of Wind And Flower Across Earth

    Title: No
    No memories of love gone bad - or hate,
    no goals or dreams to lead my soul astray,
    no karma to enslave me when I'm dead,
    no god to make me kneel - to prey and pay,
    no wrongs to right - obsessions to abate;
    my weiry path lies straight ahead.

    A loner is not lonely on this day
    for friends are everywhere to laugh and play,
    and life is full of miracles and joy,
    our world is like a giggle baby toy;
    so happy by myself -come what may.

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