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Thread: A dangerous truth

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    A dangerous truth

    The snow is falling
    the wind is calling
    so swift I run through the trees
    every motion setting me free
    as before me my pray flees

    All my seances heighten
    all my muscles tighten
    I try to control it
    but every sound draws me deeper into this pit
    ever subtle color shining as though lit

    So sharp the tooth
    so dangerous the truth
    gold eyes glowing
    every motion flowing

    Now it is to late
    becoming this beast is my fate
    an object of fear and hate.....

    As always any advice is welcome
    Sword in hand, fire in heart, I walk towards my future just playing my part.
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    Re: A dangerous truth

    it is good, it can mean multiple things, i perceived it as one may try to hide whom they really are and what they feel but things of the sort cannot be restrained not for long at least. the emotions will break loose and you will loose yourself in your emotions.
    but it can also be precieved physicaly as well. about the thrill of life, or the thrill of the hunt, the emotions, and fealings, this poem is very vivid. i like it a lot its going into my journal.

    within the darkened realm of the mind, is endless shadows, wrenching pain, warming love, and burning desires.

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