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Thread: Dark Chains (pt. 4)

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    Dark Chains (pt. 4)

    The toughest fears of your eyes are crystalize by darkness

    The betrayal sorrow of your beauty has lonliness in your heart

    The cries of your hopes rain over me and i foresee the hatred towards me

    I apologize that insane actment towards you but i can't deny you in my heart

    I have been trying to be sincere in your solemny eyes of prosperity of light

    Please forgive me that i had backed you away from me and i will never learn

    The mistake cause to you because i been lost in your body of shadows

    How long i been wanting to see you face to face in reality but this is just

    Mere dreams that i will never wake up from this eternal blaze of dispair world

    I been longing to hold you in my arms and as well see you smile for the first

    Time in long we been long forever together as dark angels that came from

    Heavenly from the sky that have us in the dark rising sun of hateful agony.

    Magic intervenes when there is love in first sight.

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    Re: Dark Chains (pt. 4)

    Out of all 4 parts this is my fav one.Very good.

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    Re: Dark Chains (pt. 4)

    Great work and i love the way you wrote it down... Makes me forgive anyone for what they have done... *sighs* It was a beautifully written poem that speaks to the heart.... *hugs* I'm glad your back and hope you remember who your friends are and where everything is, try to make new friends... oh and keep up the great work^_^

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    Re: Dark Chains (pt. 4)

    WAW! i will add this poem to one of my favorites!
    its really nice.. i am caught by it and i hope
    to see more great work from you..

    this one really inspired me..

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