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Thread: Dark or Light?

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    Dark or Light?

    I can't help but join the night
    With all my might
    I will do anything to destroy the light
    The dark overcomes
    While the light only becomes
    The thing in my past
    but I wonder....
    Will it last?

    I know this is short,but it's my poem and I love it^_^

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    Re: Dark or Light?

    this poem is awesome having a darkened heart and an even darker soul
    and you only get darker or more evil as the days go by enjoying it
    so much that you pray for the good you have to die inside ,at least
    that's what i get from this but it is an awesome poem and i think you
    did a great job detailing how some prefer the darker side of life
    over the one with rainbows and chirping birds.

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