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    For dark1angel

    You said you liked my poems...
    so here they all are.

    I saw you but

    you never saw me

    I liked you but

    you never liked me

    I admired you but

    you never admired me

    I fell for you but

    you never fell for me

    I needed you but

    you never needed me

    I cried for you but

    you never cried for me

    I was there for you but

    you were never there for me

    And I stiLl love you but

    you still dont love me


    Tired of being let down

    Tired of being cast aside

    Every blow crushing,

    To ones' pride

    You've left me no choice

    And now I say good-bye

    I'll miss the sound of your voice

    And the love I had inside

    Bold I once was

    But bold no more

    Heart shattered to peices

    Crushed into the floor

    Leftwithout answers

    And never knowing why

    Here is my last words to you



    Tired of being ignored

    Tired of being let down

    Tired of being a mistake

    Tired of never being happy

    Tired of being alone

    Tired of not knowing what to do

    Tired of being here

    And tired of not being able to have you

    The way she looks

    I just can't help but stare

    When she looks at me

    It is as thought I am not there

    Feeling lost

    Memories forgotten

    Endless loss

    My heart broken

    Poem 2

    Divided we stand
    Parted by one
    Your heart I demand
    She desires your love

    Loving you are
    Love me you don't
    Faithful to her
    Be mine you won't

    Bored out of my mind.
    I must be crazy.
    Nothing to do.
    Maybe I am just lazy.

    I sit and ponder.
    Just thinking about you.
    Mind full of wonder.
    What am I going to do?

    The day you left,
    Was the day my heart turned to stone.
    I think to my self,
    When will you come home?

    I need you now,
    And I know you need me.
    I am nothing you know.
    Nothing when ur not next to me.

    The only thing left. The last breath. The feeling of bliss, in that one final kiss. The feeling of loss. Never knowing why. The feeling of dieing. Makes you want to cry. That one little slip. That one mistake. The cold upon your lips. The deepend sign. That total eclipse. The darkness at hand. The sanity slips. That one final stand. Be bold. Be safe. Don't be scared. Be anything but. Never pass up that chance, for true love.

    __________________________________________________ _

    Something in my mine is racing.
    I fear for what I think about...
    It makes me sad.
    I keep thinking and thinking and I can't stop...
    I'm afraid...
    I don't want to lose you,
    but i have so many things i need to ask...
    I am not proud of what my mind tells me....
    Tell me...
    Do you still love her?
    Would you take her back?
    Take her over me?
    I dont know what to do anymore...
    I sleep...
    I dream...
    i don't...
    I ask myself these things over and over again...
    Just saying to myself....
    Please don't hurt me...
    Please don't leave me....
    I'm sorry...
    I love you...
    Let me love you.
    Let me be yours.

    A growl
    from with-in
    One howl
    So it begins

    New anger
    it rises high
    Formidable stranger
    It's time to die

    My first breath
    begets your last
    the shreak of death
    begets my laugh

    Blood drawn
    Claws screatching
    New dawn
    F*** your preaching

    Evil explodes
    In the mind
    Good-ness erodes
    Through the deepened sigh

    Turning and turning
    time to fear
    Burning and burning
    Your demon's here.

    For a loved one lost and another one gained, what comes the cost of all the pain.

    For, nothing to know and nothing to see, our love has grown and will forever be.

    When I see your smile, I see your heart. Through that smile, we will never part.

    As the moon rises, when the sun sets, beautiful surprises are awaiting you yet.

    I see your face in the clouds as I see your face in the sun and i just want you to know that we will always be one.

    As I see the days pass and our lives change, our love grows and grows with each passing day.

    Problems are of no mind and sadness goes away, our hearts bind and together we will stay.

    For, I love you and I know you love me and I just want you to know that I want you to stay with me.

    __________________________________________________ ____
    Being here. Living life. Full of fear. Losing time...

    Seeing you... Missing her. Loving you... We never were...

    Feeling confused... What am I? Feeling used... Why even try?

    What is this? Are you true... Sealed with a kiss? I have no clue....

    Where did she go? The you that once was... Only you can know... Just a mind of fuzz....

    I miss her... I love you... Being without her... Is being without you.

    One in the same... Beautiful but not... Feeling of shame... To death shame and rot...

    You are so me... Wonderful and proud... Being of greed.... Lustful shroud...

    You are so different... Like love of no other.... Quiet and patient. But why even bother...

    To lose you not.... That I will never do.... Let my soul rot... If I've lost you...

    Stay, just for a while... Pray, or just follow.... Run, and never look back... Focus... stay on the right track...

    Be... Just be you... Open your eyes and see... I'm the one waiting for you....

    __________________________________________________ ______________
    do i smile
    do i not?
    will it heal
    or just rot

    my heart falls
    while yours rises
    but hold on b**ch
    i’ve got some surprises

    not hurtin
    not no more
    ur body burning
    as it hits the floor

    death to you
    because of what you did
    death to you
    because I said

    a sigh of relief
    beneath a broke heart
    your death
    gives me a new start

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