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Thread: Darkness

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    .. ..

    This darkness is coming so fast....

    Breathing is becoming such a task....

    The darkness is closing in ....

    I don't know if I can survive ....

    Nothing to keep me alive ....

    now comes the pain ....

    I don't know how much longer I can remain....

    .. ..

    Watching my tears fall like rain....

    As my heart pounds like the beat of a drum....

    Now comes the pain....

    The darkness still growing within....

    It's almost here, I'm almost gone ....

    One last beat before I'm done....

    .. ..

    My mind is aching ....

    My body 's shaking ....

    And My heart is still breaking....

    That pounding in my chest is lessening more and more....

    .. ..

    Here comes the darkness as it closes in ....

    I can't see, I can't breath ....

    My mind is caving in ....

    It's almost black it's almost dark....

    I'm almost gone here comes the pain....

    It's so dark theirs nothing but black....

    It's almost here, I'm almost gone....

    Now comes the pain....
    Sword in hand, fire in heart, I walk towards my future just playing my part.
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    Re: Darkness

    This is so good. I know what it means and the symbolism stays great. A true testament to the waning of life.

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