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Thread: Darkness

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    In the darkness once again
    Dealing with the emotions times ten
    Going through the madness all the same
    With only myself to blame
    Searching through my mind once more
    Only talking to “him” through all my score
    Walking down these lowly streets
    Suppressing all the raging heats
    Living alone in my mind
    Not wanting to join the entirety of my kind
    Dealing with all these emotions
    Scattering all my sensible notions
    Joy, happiness and love have all been replaced
    Anger, pain, and sorrow have all fought to fill in their place
    Walking through the pain of life
    Wondering how to end my strife
    Felling alone once more
    Accepting it for another score

    hey its been a wile since i posted here a poem i wrote when i broke up with my x tell me what you think. (sorry if there is spelling errors) ill be posting more but i wanna wate cuz i have a few

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    Re: Darkness

    That was a good poem. Keep up the good work =p btw I'm sure you're better than me to write poems. I suck at it.

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