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Thread: Darkness & Light Poem

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    Darkness & Light Poem

    It's a poem I made. I just want to know what people think. You can love it, you can hate! ^_~

    Darkness & Light

    Darkness isn’t something you should fear
    It is only the brethren of Light
    Light isn’t always so heavenly
    It is possible to be afraid to go towards the light

    Light…Radiant, beautiful, warm, loving, so many things to describe it by
    Not something you see everyday, this much love and beauty
    Light may be radiant, but it is also excruciating
    Its glow can burn to the touch
    Demons, monsters, imaginary creations
    Destroyed by the light
    Deceive the light
    You will surely pay with a pang of consequence

    Supposedly Hell
    Where nightmares, demons, mislead spirits reside
    But darkness is only the creation of light
    More light, more darkness
    Less of light, even more of darkness
    Darkness is everywhere light resides
    It can’t go away
    Being the creation of light
    Does that make darkness good?
    Or evil for consuming light?

    Darkness and Light
    Two creations, one is only feared
    Darkness is feared….No
    What we fear is neither light nor darkness
    What we fear is fear itself
    Fear causes us to think of thoughts that aren’t necessary
    Light and Darkness
    Darkness and Light
    Yin and Yang
    Something we can’t get rid
    The places Heaven and Hell

    We can’t fear the darkness
    We can’t fear the light
    We can’t fear
    We strengthen our hearts to balance both
    We try to strengthen

    It doesn’t work
    Too many people fear them
    Some fear light
    Some fear darkness

    We may never stop fearing them
    Maybe we will
    We’ll see

    By: Melanie Wright

    Sorry for not putting this in the poem section!! >_<
    I was sleepy when doing this...I almost fell asleep on the computer!!! >_<
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    Re: Darkness & Light Poem

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    This belongs in the Poem forum...

    FAVOURITE THREADS EXPLAIN why, or risk an infraction.
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