As walk into the dollar store.
I spend my last $5. On dishsoap.
garbage bags, and other houshold needs.

Isnt that CRAZY?!

And now I give the kids their medicine to treat their strep.


Standing at the stove, making Ramen noodles.
Still bitter at how expensive they've become.
I realize... Im alone in this.
And I believed.
I believed every promise made.
And I grieve evey promise broken.
It was only weeks ago that I had hope.

But reminded that I was silly for ever thinking....
... it would be ok....

Not for me.

So I cry.
I cry.
A small part of me will do ANYTHING to not be reminded...
... that I am not good enough.

So I try... to do anything I can think up, that will just make today go by.

Is this the part that makes them call me

"psycho b*tch"?