The day the river ran red
was that day that my body and eyes
where filled with dread.
It was the day the clouds of grey took over.
Where there was once a field of colorful clover.
The clover is now all black and dead.
It was also the day there was no sun in th sky.
Nobody else but me knew why.
I am now painfully picking the truth from the lies.
Now in fear, I begin to cry.

I look over to my left through my glassy eyes.
Buildings, houses, cars, and bridges are all on fire,
quickly dissapearing, it looks as though they evaporated in the grey sky.

The flames saw me, they are now chasing me down a street
that goes by the name, memory lane.
As the flames chase me, I feel in pain.
The flames chase me to the point where I see a dead end.
Ahead of me I see the river running red
with a sign next to it that says River Dread.
I quickly stop running, but in the process I slip and fall
into the river that runs red.

As I stat to sink
I wake up in my house on my bed.
I realize that half od my spirit died in River dread,
The river that ran red.

Distorted is the way I now see.
Distorted is the way I now think.

I look out my window and I see that this night terror
was not just a dream.
The flames are gone, but what was once on fire is now
nothing but ashes.
The river of red becomes my tears, making a slow and steady stream.

I decide to walk out and face this world new to me.
On my doorstep, there lie's a box of unnused matches.
I look up and everything looks the same as the day before yesterday.
Everything is okay.
I pick up the matches, holding onto them tightly so that nothing bad goes astray, for all it really is, it's just another day