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Thread: Days gone bye without you...

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    Days gone bye without you...

    Going on without you.... feeling so alone...
    Only able to hear your voice when we talk on the phone
    Wishing that these days go by fast so that I can see you,
    When I'm not with you I feel so blue...

    Saying goodbye when I have to leave tears fall...
    In the clouds its you that I saw
    Your the only one that comes to mind,
    Wishing that you could be the one I find

    Wishing I could be with you but your just so far away.....
    Can't wait till I come back to hear those three words that you say
    Only three more days till we'll be together...
    These feelings I have for you will last forever

    Can't wait to get back just so that I can hold you tight,
    Can't wait till your back in my sight
    These days I've been without you has brought nothing but sadness...
    Being back with you has brought nothing but happiness
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    *~A moment like this we will never be able to go back. Holding you like this wanting the time to stop. Just the two of us we don't need words.~*

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    Re: Days gone bye without you...

    i loved that poem .................................................. ..............................................jenn y
    ~~~~~Party Girl~~~~~ ^_~

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