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Thread: Deadly Lover

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    Deadly Lover

    "Deadly Lover"
    Deadly lover stab me to death.
    Deadly lover drown me in tears.
    Deadly lover throw me in hell.
    Deadly lover cut me in half.
    Deadly lover just for your dearest cause my apocalypse in this world of loneliness I so despise.

    I wrote this poem to show my rage and how it has increased day by day.It shows my sorrow and how my inner physco wants to break free.It also shows the fact that killing is my favorite pass time.
    Your soul is now mine...

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    Re: Deadly Lover

    I know how you are feeling. Though I would also like to read other poetry that you have done other then this. This is more of an emotaional poem and I like that, but I would love to read some of you peoms that have structure in them as well. Dont feel offended by this. I like this work and that's why I am posting here. When I read the title I knew that this piece was going to stand out a lot.
    Thank you Lasura!
    My lover speaks; and he says, 'Arise my beloved my beautiful one and come!' -Song of Songs 2:10

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