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Thread: Dealing

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    How can a writer write,
    when his heart is asunder?
    When his very soul is torn,
    and I writer and wander.

    I can't explain why I keep flesh to keys,
    yet am unable to pry myself,
    from this tinted white,
    flashing screen.

    Broken again,
    for the millionth time...
    writing in redundant,
    post sadness ryhme.

    So I decided I should try,
    to break the fold,
    and see what skill I can behold,
    making sure to ryhme not cold,
    and show that my heart is warm,
    and soft so.

    I try my hardest to give my all,
    and show everyone that I'm,
    not too broken to fall...
    giving every ounce inside,
    and I'm not going to hide.....

    Yet the redundancy returns,
    and I'm left with the tears.
    Left with the brokenness,
    and left with the fears.

    Can I break free,
    or forever be bound to lonliness in ryhme.
    Maybe another time...
    and another typed or written line..........

    White Rose

    "If you love it and let it go... how long do you have to wait for it to come back, before you start to look for love elsewhere?"

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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    Re: Dealing

    Wow, this poem really takes the cake. I think it's great because it shows how writer's block can really be influenced by one's emotions. I can understand from experience that when I am in a bad mood that it's difficult to concentrate on things. Sometimes, our emotions can also drive us into insanity.

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