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Thread: Death

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    Death... The biggest mystery... who knows what might come, the things may be well, or it my be turn into to hell, we live, trying in our lives to give all that is required for us to live, death, comes suddenly, young or old , strong or weak,
    death is the fate of all, nomatter if you're sad or happy, your path ends in death,
    thats humanity's ending sentence.
    It's always the same
    With This pain
    Young but i am dying just like in a video game
    Why is everyone so blind
    Help is writen next to my name
    The hatered building itself without anything in it to tame
    I have nothing left to claim
    And no friends to gain
    Now, my soul won't stop feeling pain
    My heart is just not the same....
    My hope crushed followed by goal
    I'm sitting here waiting for the death of my soul
    waiting for everything in me to die
    inside, underneath
    My soul blood stained skies
    That never tried to rise
    are setting my hearts feeling's on fire withe fire flies
    It doesn't if one of my feelings die
    I would never say " Oh, My"
    and even if i die
    no one will be here next to my corpse to cry
    All that i've known will be there just to unbound the tie
    and leave me there to suffer as i say " Why?"
    death is left here next to me as i lie
    Here under the sky
    Watching the moon saying it's last good bye
    And i close my eyes
    Never to open again
    The life i once knew
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