Death Lingers

Death lingers, thou is ready with poise
and is awaiting to strike at the most fatal moment

Death lingers, do not glance upon over your shoulder
thou can smell the fear perspiring off your clamy surface

Death lingers, You try to sleep but you can't
go ahead, thinking about it will kill you sooner

Death lingers, thou cometh at the moment of judgement
will you pass the trials of life?

Death lingers, raping the senses, thou shocks you
paralyzed with a scared disgust.

Death lingers, finding it hard to breath yet,
as the darkness piles over your weary conscience

Death lingers, your blackened soul is traped
in a cake of wood, soil, and insects

Death lingers, thou's essence lives on in the world
in every trench, within you and I even.

Death lingers, it awaits to banish you to a world darker
than that of which will cause torment and rapture

Death lingers, thou hasn't a past or a future,
just a service to the cosmos.

Death lingers, but thou takes no pride nor satisfaction
for a job that must be done.

Death lingers, thou is not good, evil, dark or light
thou is an entity that cannot be stopped

Death lingers, the greatest inevitabilty in a human's life
yet it is feared and cannot come to terms with reality

Death lingers, and will continue to do so.
Don't be afraid.