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Thread: death of my mommy

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    death of my mommy

    I watched from the closet as he opened up the door.
    Dragged my mommy in and pushed her on the floor
    He yelled each bitter word he knew
    Mommy why would he hurt you?

    His face was twisted in such rage,
    I felt locked in a cage,
    I wanted to help but he'd hurt me too,
    Just like he did you.

    Tears fell down my cheeks as I silently cried
    He kicked you and hit you, saying you should die
    I wanted to say stop daddy
    But he'd get mad at me.

    I fell back onto my rump,
    As I heard a loud thump,
    I heard more yelling from daddy then one last cry,
    And that was the day I saw mommy die..

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    Re: death of my mommy

    wow...that was very powerful, good job!! I love to hear more from you

    Made by mi amigo Mveli2

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    Re: death of my mommy

    C0oo0ol.... I Liked It A Lot! Keep it up Nightmaregirl! :Smile:

    I believe…whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you…stranger.
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    Thanx Shin Ryuga!!!!

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    Re: death of my mommy

    wow i like the depressing peom. it's realy good. it makes you think. i like how you made it rhyme. rhyming poems have always been my fave. i hope to see more from you.
    every rose has a thorn

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