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Thread: Death of a partner

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    Death of a partner

    Walking in the forest
    We always had a laugh
    Followed both our footsteps
    On futures greatest path
    We were always destined
    To be together all our lives
    But one day i had a phone call
    To say that you had died
    I cried all night and cried all day
    I wish by his side i could stay
    But doctors pulled me far away
    And told me to rest for a day
    I refused and i clung on to him
    But my shaking fingers did no win
    A week had passed
    I heard him call
    To meet him at his funeral
    I saw his coffin walk right by
    Into the church i start to cry
    Why did you take him?
    Why not take me?
    I want him back
    He's meant for me
    But no reply
    was given or toned
    And for a year
    I've stayed alone.

    Love you Matt even though your not herexx

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    Re: Death of a partner

    well that was better than the last one in some ways its very sad though but still a great poem, it must be hard to loose someone so close to you

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