Death comes with the winter snows
with the sorrow that summer has ended
school has started, classes have begun
bullies have started, happiness begone
tragidies happen, grudges are held
life has started to die

the begining of winter isn't so bad,
it's the middle that you worry about
looking into the sea of faces of the classmates that change
looking into the dying, the living, and the dead
you realize that life will never be the same
not after someone dies,
someone who is close, distant, or a nobody
but yet someone dies all the same
and no one gives a time of day
except their friends, families, and people they have touched

when we are at the end of winter, we think that we are safe
but yet, death creaps on us yet again, because we let our gaurd down
not only are the trees, the flowers, the grass, and the air dead,
a close loved one dies from his heart.
how can life go on? how can I live through another day?
it doesn't really matter what I feel inside
cause life is like a game sometimes.

I surrender my life, because it's broken
When you look into my eyes i feel like I've died again.
but death goes away like ice from father time.