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Thread: Deep Trench

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    Deep Trench

    First time, complete strangers
    Lonely, the both of us
    Still met and somehow got close
    The love of your life was I

    Even though we were an unknown kind to each other
    You were still gentle to me
    Hiding your grim past and failures
    You wrapped your arms around me

    I just waited there,
    Just one of those girls I thought…

    But you weren’t
    You were, and I’m sure still, one of a kind

    We got closer in the end
    Alone once searching inside each others' eyes

    You awaited my response
    My mind was stammering- I couldn’t move against your warm body
    It was just… a heart - warming experience

    I wanted to be with you
    With our red hot lips against each other
    Our body so close, keeping each other warm and loved
    Exploring our each other, getting closer by mind and body

    I used to run my hands through your hair
    Convincing you I’ll never leave you
    Keeping you safe and warm in my arms
    Only feeding off our love, passion

    And indescribable feelings for you

    I just want you to know,
    That even though we departed in complete opposite directions
    I respect you, your decision and your support

    I just want you to know, I’ll always love you
    You’ve taken a huge chunk of my life with you, sweetheart
    And I want it to be in your thoughts and diary

    When you’re a woman, married with kids beside you
    I know I’ll be in your mind, even if as a tiny amoebic thing
    I could never repay you
    But I’ll shed tears here and there

    Our last kiss with enough passion to fill the
    Vast gap that we’ll miss out
    For the rest of our lives.

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    Re: Deep Trench

    oh wow... that was touching and really made me emote poem..
    maybe you're not meant for each other..
    memory still lingers..
    i love it man!

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    Re: Deep Trench

    I can relate in some ways. It's always hard when someone you love leaves/dies. Always... I enjoyed the poem. It's fairly well written and kept my attention. Good Job! Keep it up! Can't wait to read more! ^_^

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    Re: Deep Trench

    Yes I agree with everyone. This poem is very emotional. I believe it is your most emotional yet. And when a reader can feel what the poet does when writing it... that is a sign of excellent talent. Great job.

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