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Thread: The Deepest pit of poverty

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    The Deepest pit of poverty

    The Deepest pit of poverty

    Lord you have saved my family and my life
    For that I have a chance to explore
    My dreams, my hope of one day
    Keep my own family up out of
    The hole I was in when I was once
    Their age
    To give them the childhood that
    My own mom could never give me

    From that day a little over five years past,
    I knew that when I accepted you as
    My one and only Savior, my life
    Would never be the
    For I will always have you to rely on
    My Lord, King, &most of all
    My one and only Savior
    For just believing in you
    I will Have someone
    To rely on that will
    Always will be there every time
    I need someone
    If it wasn't for me asking you
    For forgiveness and accepting you in my heart
    right know I will never be where I am at
    Right now typing this
    And only You, Jehovah my lord
    Will know where I be.
    If you have never pushed my stepfather
    To take us in those 7 years
    Past I will have never been
    Here or at my Beloved
    Church and your holy house
    I wrote this poem first
    of all to honour
    My stepfather
    who has helped my to get to where
    I am at today
    So for him
    I think thee
    My lords Jesus And Jehovah
    to both of your
    blessed name, Amen


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