Hello AO! Ok this is my first story I've ever writen and so it might not be that great but I really want you all read it and give as much critisism as needed. So enjoy!

Chapter 1
“I’m gonna get you lass,” said the white silver haired red eyed demon, Akabatu as he raced from tree branch to tree branch closing in on his target a young human girl named Akira. Akira with her beautiful long flowing hair reaching down to the middle of her thighs was running on the forest floor below him. She had been running from him for two days straight and now was exhausted from the long days.
The sun was beginning to set when she had spotted a hollowed out tree and decided to hide. She lay in her temporary shelter. Strangely enough, Akabatu had been long out of her site for some time. She had fallen into a half sleep when she heard a foot step outside and peered into the face of her captor. In the moonlight she could see his fierce, yet handsome face with silver hair glistening as he scanned the area for the one he wanted. Akira then began to scoot back to get out of the moonlight.
The next time she peered out she found herself staring at the mocking smile of Akabatu. *crack crack* They both heard this and Akabatu turned to the noise then back to her and said,” You got away this time so be grateful my flower. I will be back remember that.” As he finished he gave her one last glance and leapt into the shrouds of darkness. Akira had peered out and saw a figure of a man
come to her as she fell into a deep slumber.

Well there it is I hope you like it.