DISCLAIMER: This poem is copyrighted to me underneath my prior name, I am adopted. I don't want some one trying to say I stole this work or any bull like that. It's copyrighted to me under the name Katrina Elyse Tucci on Poetry.com Kthnx[I hate that little phrase thingy] I'd also like to note, when the Poem was published... I was a terrible writer. Not that I'm any better now Also. I decided to do a little editorial work on it, feel free to critique and let me know which version you like better. Also, this poem is about guilt, and not just normal guilt, but the guilt that causes nightmares. Guilt stemming from severe trauma. This is meant to be more as a plea for those of us out there who suffer from unrelenting, unnecessary guilt, for something that isn't our fault, to get help. A plea to get help for abuse, it's not going to stop just because we close our eyes and look away. It's not going to stop because we think the person is strong enough, or they'll be okay. Get. Help.

Night falls, I hear the past ringing clear,
I turn around to face what I can only fear.
Face to face with Demons of the Night.
I find myself trying to withdraw into noting.
What is that causes these Demons to come?
Only time knows that secret and time may never tell.
The morning sun will never reach the deepest
Recesses of my mind, for in that dark corner, I have
Blocked away, with locks of reason and rhyme, resides
The Demons that haunt my dreams at night. These demons
That I speak of are the horrors of our past, the things
That we have done wrong, and can never be taken back.
Every one of us has these, and we can pretend we don't,
But when the sun goes down...

The Night....

Will Free Them All.