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Thread: The Descendant (A story I made up)

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    The Descendant (A story I made up)

    Rei is a teenage gal with blue hair. Her eyes are at the color of black, but not just any black, but very black! She’s a juvenile gal, despite the reality that she’s seventeen.

    Daisuke is another teenage guy with blonde locks. His eyes are a pool of deep blue, very deep and… dreamy. He’s an avenger, but he’s not just any avenger! He’s a kind-hearted avenger.

    These are the two main characters of this story... oh wait, they’re not. But for now, they are! Soon enough, the main characters would be a lot! Before I forget... Here’s the Prologue…



    Long ago, there was a demon-slayer. He slaughtered many evil spirits for humankind regardless that he’s a demon himself! He’s a very powerful demon, yet heroism runs through his veins.

    One night... He was saving a village from a giant fire-demon! It was a hard fight! He was sent off, and he smashed against a house. The wall broke to pieces, as he saw a woman inside the house. The woman didn’t seem afraid, but instead she looked courageous.

    Whilst, she saw the fire demon about to attack the great demon-slayer again! She bravely stood before him, and a white aura had protected them. The attack was no match for this woman! Yes, she’s the gifted warrior.

    The two had successfully killed the fire-demon, and soon enough… they fell in love with each other, and as the fruit of their love, a baby girl was born! She got the appearance of her mother, and the powers of her father. But, a week after the child was born; an unknown man had killed the whole village! Including, the mighty demon-slayer, and the noble warrior, and the only sign of life that survived… is the small child.

    The man had attempted to kill the child, but he died instead! Yet, before he died, he left a mark. Now, she has a mark at her right arm. A yin yang with dragons surrounding it, and another mark at her upper-left forehead, the kanji of ‘descendant’.

    The descendant had lived, even though it lived by its own, but soon, the demon-slayer’s spirit had taken her, and the body has disappeared. Many years passed, and the father decided to take the descendant back to her place.

    She lived again, like she has fallen asleep in the heavens, and woke up back in earth, and her age of three hadn’t changed. She struggled to live alone, and her marks that look like tattoos, made people think that it’s just fake henna. Little did they know, that the legend is true…

    It is said, that when the descendant’s using her powers, her hair would change to a color of silver, like her mother’s aura. An aura would be molding behind her, the color depends in her emotions. If she’s angry, a dark, cold aura, with electrifying force. If she’s happy, a dark, warm, but glistening aura. If she’s sad, a dark blue aura, with a cold temperature.

    Yes, the legend was passed generations by generations. Parents would tell these stories to their children so children would be inspired to be in the side of good. But… they didn’t know… but the legend is… really true.

    -----------------------------Double Post Merge---------------------------------------------
    "Darn walkathon." Rei frumbles, as she stumbled along rocks. When suddenly...

    "OH MAH GAWD!" Rei screamed in horror, her companion, Daisuke, looked back to see the commotion. He saw that Rei looked completely terrorized. "What?" He asked.

    Rei stared at him for a moment then her eyes watered. "I SQUISHED A BUG!"

    Daisuke twitched. He began to murmur curse words and continued walking. "But, Daisuke! What if I go to jail?! what if the bug's family sues me for killing this lousy bug? What if... WHAT IF THE BUGS KILL ME?!" Rei reasoned out. Daisuke rolled his eyes.

    'Jeez. And to think she's the genius everybody's talking about in battle field.' Daisuke walked over to Rei. He stomped over the bug, "there! I killed it! You won't be sued anymore!"

    Rei stared at him wide-eyed. "But what if there're witnesses?" She asked, looking around. Daisuke groaned, "oh come on, Rei. There aren't witnesses!"

    Rei looked unconvince. "If you pretend that you didn't squished that bug, I'll give you a candy."

    Rei whistled and walked on. "Who said I squished a bgu? I certainly do not! I'm did NOT kill that bug! If I do, I would pretend that I haven't!"

    Daisuke sweat dropped, and just followed by her.


    Daisuke lied at the bed of the hotel. He sighed... Do you know what Daisuke would do? He would sleep all day! Because, travelling two days non-stop is definitely NOT a walk in the park, and a weird companion isn't gonna help either.


    Meanwhile, Rei was walking down the roads. Throwing a money bag, and then catching it again. Well, to tell you the truth she just stole that from a random villager. She hadn't notice, that she was already in the middle of a horde of trees. When finally...

    "WHOA! WHERE ARE WE?!" Rei asked. She stared at the money bag, "tsk! I shouldn't have let money bag lead the way!"

    Oh my God, the girl's crazy.

    She glared at the money bag, and at the same time grasping it tight. "It's all your fault, Money Bag! I hate you." Then her defiant stare faded away, "but to tell you, I'm still gonna keep you. I'll pretend like this never happen, you shall thank me!"


    Hours later...

    "Now where's that girl?" Daisuke asked, just waking up from his LOOONG nap. "I hope she doesn't get in trouble again." He muttered, turning on the television.

    "But, I'm pretty sure that she's fine." Daisuke said. "Well, she is a skilled fighter!"


    "Mommy..." Rei mumbled, as she looked scared than ever!

    Something budge at the bushes. "WAAAH!" Rei screamed, but only to find that it's just a chipmunk. Rei sighed, but hjer relief disappeared when...

    The chipmunk holding two swords! "Hiyyaaah!" It moaned, and started to run over Rei. Rei raised her hands in the air, anmd started to run like crazy. "HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP!" She called, but nobody came. She quickly climbed a tree, literally knotting herself in a branch. She stuck her tongue out. "Nyah, nyah!"

    Suddenly, the chipmunk got something in it's hands. REI'S MONEY BAG!

    "Oi! give that back, you stubborn chipmunk!" Rei screamed. The chipmunk shook it's head. Rei groaned, "this place really has weird animals."

    Out of the blue, she caught a glimpse of the chipmunk about to open the money bag! In a blink, she's gone from the branch, as she snatched back the money bag. "Pbbt!"

    The chipmunk scowled at her.

    Rei was startled when the chipmunk whistled, and abruptly a group of chipmunks with two swords each in their hands, appeared! "Uh-oh."

    The chipmunk pointed to Rei with a screech. "MAMAAAA!" She screamed once more.


    MORE hours later...

    Daisuke yawned. "Wow! Rei's awfully late! It's past midnight... Should I go look for her?" Daisuke asked to nobody really.

    "DAISUKE! HELP ME!" Rei shrieked, a mass of DEADLY chipmunks behind her.


    "Nah! she can handle herself anyways." Daisuke yawned again.


    Morning came...

    Daisuke stretched, as he sat up from the bed. "Wow! I had the weirdest dream last night!"

    He stood up. "There was Rei calling for help, and some pack of chipmunks behind her! How strange." He shrugged, "no chance it will happen."

    A knock surprised him, who would knock in the doors in these hours? "Hmm... Wonder who that is." He walked over the door, and opened it.

    Only to find Rei looking beat up. A big scowl across her face, her clothes torn like she's been atatcked, her whole body full of bruises, and she's holding a money bag. "what a great friend you are." She mumbled.

    Daisuke's eyes amplified. "Whoa! Where were you?" He asked, letting her get in.

    "Attacked by a mass of crazy chipmunks." She answered, still with that frown of hers.

    Daisuke tried to stop his laughter. A girl who can kill hundred people in a minute? Abused by little, fluffy, cute creatures? "I... -clears throat- hope you're fine. You weren't hurt much with those... cute things, right?"

    Rei stared at him, as if he was barney who just appeared saying, 'let's play with a cattle prod!'. "Cute things my foot."
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    Re: The Descendant (A story I made up)

    I like this story. I love the sense of humor that you've added. Why is the blond guy with Rei and why is she so childish? Are they demon slayers or something? Hope to read more.

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    Re: The Descendant (A story I made up)

    WAIII!! You like it? Well, I was really hoping somebody would. Oh yeah, you'll know why he's with her in the story... In fact I'm writing it NOW.

    Daisuke and Rei walked down the streets. Rei yawned, "man! why do we have to leave so early? You do know that a pack of unpleasant chipmunks attacked me, right?"

    "Of course I know that. BUT, you slept as soon as you came in the hotel, jeez, I'm pretty sure you're okay now." Daisuke reasoned out, while she let out a grunt. "Still..." Rei paused, stopping on her tracks. She turned sharply to her right. An alley.

    Daisuke turned, hearing her steps stop. "What?" He asked.

    "Shh..." Rei hushed, and walked towards the alley, Daisuke rolled his eyes and followed her. Suddenly, Rei's hair got out of its ponytail. Her blue hair changing to silver, then blue, then silver again. Finally, it settled to silver.

    Rei's fists trembled, like it wanted to punch so badly. A dark, cold aura with an electrifying force molding behind her. Her eyes turned all-black, with a spark of fury.

    Obviously Rei's overwhelmed with ferocity. Rei stared at an old man, pinned at the ground, and three thugs destroying a cart. Perceptibly, the three guys are bullying the poor man. 'Ooh... Typical Rei.' Daisuke thought.

    One guy, seemingly noticed her presence. "Oh look, it's a owetty wittle girl!" He laughed.

    The other two nudged their companion. "Idiot! Don't you notice her? Silver hair, dark aura, black eyes!"

    The guy (who worthlessly laughed) amplified his eyes. "Hell! It's her!"

    "The descendant." The old man mumbled.

    "Wha-... The legend is true?"

    Rei smirked, "do you think?"

    Daisuke shook his head. "There goes her cool mode again." He muttered, making Rei twitch.

    She turned to Daisuke, "SHUT UP! I'M TRYING TO BE COOL HERE!"

    The other four, sweat dropped. The same sentence ringing inside their heads. 'What a weird descendant.'

    "All right, you three! If you don't go away this instant, I will be forced to feed you to that weirdo over there!" Rei said, pointing a thumb towards Daisuke. "Hey!" He yelled.

    She laughed, which made the guys wonder... Is she really the descendant? they decided she was not... because the descendant's suppose to be COOL and stoic! Oh how wrong they were. "Oi, missy! Tell us, are you really the descendant? Then tell us, why don't you act like it? Huh? Huh?"

    Rei stopped her laugehs abruptly then coughed. "All right, I'll tell you why. Seems like you three guys are hard to convince anyway..."

    "A three year old girl stumbled along the roads of Arkhanta, a village found across the Forests of Hell... Somehow, the girl had managed to cross this horrible place. An elderly couple, adopted this little girl, seeing her almost collapse at the roads, when nobody seems to care. The elderly couple was nice enough to take care of her. They taught her to be happy, to be brave, to be hopeful... But one sad day, a group of evil monsters attacked the village of Arkhanta and KILLED EVERYBODY! BUT THEN... Naruto, Edward and Alphonse, Power Rangers, and Sosuke Sagara appeared, and slaughtered the evil monster called, Daimos..." Rei's story was interrupted when somebody smacked her in the head.

    "Idiot! You're too addicted to T.V! You know that?" Daisuke reprimanded.

    "That hurts, you know!" Rei screamed, now the dark, cold aura replaced by a dark, but warm and glistening aura.

    Rei cleared her throat. "Scratch that Naruto, and other anime things and also that killed everybody." She cleared her throat again. "The evil monsters, which looks a lot like humans, were said to be roaming in times like this. Times when the moon will be blood red, and five rings encircling around it! The creatures killed the elderly couple! The little girl witnessed their death and tears started to flow down her cheeks. In her early age, she already knows the meaning of life and death. Her fury had blinded her! Her hair turned silver, dark aura emitting behind her! Her eyes being scary as ever! Yes! It's the descendant that rules the earth! THE VERY COOL DESCENDANT THAT VANQUISH- OW!" Rei yelped, acquiring another bonk in the head.

    "Come on! I was just spicing things up!" Rei complained.

    "It's good enough, so quit messing!"

    Rei snorted and continued again. "The descendant killed these monsters, the villagers of Arkhanta have perceived this, and kicked her out of the village! Why? Because if she stays... more danger would emerged to the village. This descendant managed to live, despite the fact that she's alone. She doesn't really want to be adopted again, who knows... they might die like the poor couple. But, as the girl live, she still recall what the couple had taught her. 'The Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.' That's what they would always say to her. So that's why, she learnt how to hide her emotions behind a mask! So... you could never even see her crying in vain or anything, but instead, you'll be greeted by her with a warm smile!... Except if you did something stupid that is. But back to the story, when she was just six, she met a person. A guy to be exact... He was blonde, and he has deep blue eyes! But the problem is, he's a weak, desperate, ugly, worthless brat you would ever me- OW!"Rei rubbed her head for the third time.

    "Goof up, and die!" Daisuke threatened.

    "Jeez," Rei groaned. "So, she met him. And they became best friends! When suddenly, the descendant's 'friend' was about to be attacked by an unknown brute! Luckily, the cool descendant appeared and helped him. From then on, they decided to be comrades by then... Which is a very, very WRONG mistake, since a cool descendant couldn't be with a lousy, pathetic- OW AGAIN!" Rei glared at Daisuke.

    "That's the fourth time, you know?!" Rei cried out.

    "And then? And then what happened?" The four asked, each with a bag of popcorn each, wonder where that came from.

    "Well, it's not really a mistake! But this guy is an avenger, though it doesn't seem like it! You see, his brother killed their whole family, except for him. Well you might say that these brothers like the anime Naruto so much, that they- OW!" Rei halted from her story, this time it wasn't a fist that whacked her head, now it was a pan. A pan that Daisuke got from who-knows-where-I-certainly-do-not.

    Rei glared at him. "It is true, right?"

    Daisuke didn't answer.

    "Is that it?" One of the thugs asked.

    "Oh no, no, no, no!" Rei shook her head. "One day, they met a three bullies beating up a poor old man. The descendant got really angry and defeated the bullies to a bloody pulp!" Rei grinned. "The End!"

    The three men widened their eyes. "Err... I think it's time to go."

    "Oh no, please don't! Don't you want to have some punch? Punch is rather tasty!" Rei stated, holding up a pitcher with juice.

    "Why, why didn't you say so?" The three procliamed, clearly, they are a sucker for beverages.

    Rei smiled warmly.


    "Thank you, young lady! I hope God bless you all the way!" The old man declared, standing before a pile of three men with broken teeth.


    Now, master whitefoxdemon, do you understand now? I hope so.


    Bravery is believing in yourself, and that thing nobody can teach you.
    You can't be brave if you only have wonderful things happen to you.

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