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Thread: desired of admiration

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    desired of admiration

    My intention in caring, glaring,and socialilizing are that can be a great thing for admiriation that love can bespread all over the globe that ever one cares about life around a formal wondering.
    Around life its self admiriaton is that of everyone is used to and also assential life of meaning that can fall in a different kind of desire of a different kind of way that takes on the great opprtunites of that are not challenging to no one.
    As in my own law of life my decisions were merely out of agony with full of sarrow and hateful against my will which i do not desire any more than life itself.
    life can be dreadful at times that when it feels like your going to lose something that you treasure in your whole life and then the following years u find that there was nothing more that can make you happy that u have not lasted nothing and been admiring the whole passion.
    that words are never songs of admiriation that u always deserved and never should be take likely or away from u.

    by dark1angel
    revised by nalevankomichael and also wrote be me too!!!!!!

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    Re: desired of admiration

    Thank you for giving me credit I knew you would not deceived me and thanks for letting me know ok and good job on revising it for me well Pm me when you have time and make the poem just more interesting instead of getting most of the words i have given you well good luck on your next poem bye.

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