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Thread: Devil's Adovocate

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    Devil's Advocate, & Devil Eyes

    "Devil's Advocate"

    Asking God "How come these blind eyes don't see"
    Getting no answer, reply, or theory...
    Just sitting in the dark with confusion and fury...

    Thinking to myself: "HE must want me to find my own way surely"...

    With all my detours and stops; "Hell", who can blame HIM, if he wants to lose me
    Being alone doesn't sound too bad, it just sounds lonely
    I was cursed on my holiday, so "A Nightmare before Christmas", is the title of my movie...
    God lost a "son" & Lucifer gained a "pawn", I had stopped living before sunrise, call me "dead of the dawn"...

    After a while being by your lonesome, in some strange way can even make you whole again... Where my heart once was, is now filled with emptiness, I guess I am back hole again...

    I hear voices saying:

    "In my club there is room for one, plus it is members only
    There's no middle man, when you have me...
    Life is hard and I can make you harder and together we
    can become concrete"....

    "Is it a sin to get"..? "Come on!!.. You do want to prosper, let's form a syndicate, all I am asking is for you to be my devil's advocate"...

    "You can gain the world for the price of your soul, now isn't that cheaper than any silver or gold"...

    Realizing that I:

    Stopped listening to fake truths and started hearing true lies...
    Sometimes laughter is a sign to cry...
    If so, I must be a weeping jester, if that is a sign...

    "Now let me give you sight, come see the world through my devil eyes"...

    To be continued: "Devil Eyes"

    "Devil Eyes":

    Eyes watery, pupils dilating...
    An epiphany of me dying sooner than later
    Vision of that of a raper, want what I can't have,
    so I become a taker...

    Jealousy and envy, both resides in my iris
    Got the eye of the tiger, do you not see the pride.??
    Blood-lust in my cornea, feel the wrath...
    My "crimson pool," take a bath...

    Developing a loathsomeness in laziness
    In these eyes, greed and gluttony is one in the same
    The excessiveness, stress, the pain...
    It "all" is a mess...

    Staring at "satan's blackboard" with devil eyes,
    sitting at my desk, getting taught by the instructor,
    becoming the teacher's pet...

    Feeling like a guinea pig with life's test
    Waiting for that day I am laid down to rest
    Wondering, when I will meet my maker or my last visit to the vet

    Walk the path with me, where the sun rarely shines,
    death is around the corner, and trouble lies...
    Stepping in puddles of your own tears, where you done cried
    Shutting the lids of your eyes, keeping them closed,
    just so you don't have to look at yourself in the mirror with those

    DEVIL EYES....
    Cause you hate what you see, hate what you've become...
    In all reality you, just want to be loved, but
    you are a prisoner in your own mind, trapped mentally...
    Always coming down with the conclusion, that no one
    can love the real you actually or really...
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    The heart can't lie... Truth is... I love you!!!

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    Re: Devil's Adovocate

    Uh huh!?! So this is what you been talking about... Just to let you know I hate you right now, (well not really/just jk)lol... If I really didn't know you then I wouldn't know that you would give your last, if I didn't know you I wouldn't know that you have a good soul... You are a person that I thank God for placing you in my life.... Plzbaleeve!!! LOL

    Well about your poem: I don't know if this is how you feel now or if it is something in the past, since you have been closed up lately.. *Hint* open up a lil' more...lol I remember you told me about the bad news you received on the day of Christmas of 05' from your father and I am wondering if that is the "curse" you are talking about in which you are calling your "Nightmare before Christmas"??? (And you say I don't know you)lol I can see that you have some crazy word play in these two writings, also you tried to include the 7 sins in the "Devil Eyes", which was kind of unique the way you included it in your sight... (Ha!! Thought I didn't see that) :P The only negative about it is some of the grammar, but knowing you- you write the way you talk in which you have that bad, but what you probably tell me is "you are not writing an essay, you are writing your feelings"...lol Oh yea' the other negative thing I have is it is kind of scary reading it cause, since I know you I know that you be thinking crazy and you really will make yourself believe that you are alone... But know that you are not cause you ALWAYS have me... *now smile for me cause I am smiling for you*

    But all in all it is a good read, cause now I have a little insight on what you been thinking about lately... Thanks for letting me know that you finished your work... I am glad to see that you picked up a pen again... Can't wait to see more...TTYS!!! Much Luv'!!!

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