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Thread: devils ground

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    devils ground

    He himself said, that hell was originally prepared for the devil and his angels.
    In hell, you will be ruled over and will be inferior by darkness and the forces of evil. Your
    new home will be made up of demons, fallen angels, wickedness and even the lord of
    darkness himself... you will be at the bottom of the guest list.

    The sphere of hell is a hollowed-out place in the earth's core.
    Scientists proved that the earth's
    outer crust is less than twenty miles thick and that beyond that point, there are rivers and
    lakes of flaming blood of the earth, called the "lake of fire". Long
    before the final judgment, of the thousand suns you will find the gates to hell in burning ruins of
    the new city.

    When the sinner closes his eyes for the second death and darkness takes his soul, you will see
    and feel movements in the air. The saviors are open you and there will be no triumph without loss, no freedom
    for your soul without sacrifice. There's only specific kind of creature, who ever
    came back from the eternal.

    This very moment, your eternal soul may be less than twenty miles from the burning fires of hell!

    If you go to hell, be sure - You'll be there forever...
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    Re: devils ground

    It allseemed too cliche. I got bored after the first paragraph. I'd like to see some clever uses of some rhetoric devices.
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