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    What if the one you love is incapable of loving?

    Would you go on loving him still or move on

    And let time make the heart heal?

    I chose the first option...

    Told him i love him...

    Showered with love and devotion

    Forsook everything,blinded by love

    Stood by him,a fool for love

    A shadow of my old self i became

    Being consumed by this vicious, gnawing pain

    Finally being haunted by sheer hopelessness

    Starting to realiza my own naivety, my foolishness

    I had made my decision

    And unfortunately lived to regret it

    For i have lived in a fool's paradise

    Kidding myself that if i stood by long enough

    That if i show him my love would live on even if

    The going gets tough

    He would someday give me just that little
    bit of sunshine that i wanted

    Just that tiny bit of warmth that i need..

    But the candle that has been my life,

    Is nearly burnt out

    I have now faced reality

    Only too late

    Only when too much has been wasted

    And all that is left of me is a cold,empty shell

    A shadow of my former self...

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