Here at night when the softest tones are words that remind me of you
Fighting the cruelty that the spirits have called upon
Paper full of words
Crossed out with swords
The stained letter that one wrote

No presence or sign of thee
The crows may peck of thou body
Thou body is not the corpse for their hunger

Lay by the side of a lover
Upon thou knees thou cries in pain
The life is complete without thee fruitful soul
I am incomplete without my lover

Thou shall die for you
At every moment one cannot breathe
My son, my daughter, the lovers and fathers
Life sacrificed for the love of the other
I speak of words one cannot declare a lie

“Thou body is mine to protect
I’d give you my life to see joy upon that sweet face
The cute smile you bare
And do not deny
Thou heart tells me to tell you
I love you and my life is yours”