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Thread: Dirges of a Konvict

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    Dirges of a Konvict


    I'm stuck in a crystal world of you
    Your face reflected everywhere
    Wherever I turn it's all that I see
    Your divine visage burned in memory

    What's a mere mortal to do
    Who's never seen radiance beyond compare?
    Until now I've never felt so alive
    Like I've finally resurfaced after a long, deep, dive

    Eyes of vividly infinite blue
    A goddess smiling at me; I can't help but stare
    'Heaven', all my mind can say
    And now I know I've lost myself today

    I'm stuck in a crystal world of you
    How I long to touch you for but a moment...

    Author's notes: dedicated to someone...

    Severed Wings

    It's been two years but I'm still here...
    Waiting right where you left me
    I've been broken since you left; you can't possibly know
    You left without a word though I begged you not to go

    Now I'm drowning in my own tears
    What have you done to me?
    You know just how badly I wanted you to stay
    Now it's all I can do, to remember til my dying day

    My one hope of happiness, it's all but disappeared
    And now I've reached the brink of my misery
    You were my angel just yesterday...
    Now I just want our memories to go away

    It's been two years but I'm still here...
    These severed wings won't take flight again

    Author's notes: about my ex, favorite ko toh.


    Again I walk in the endless rain
    Just as I have a thousand times before
    Nothing but heaven caressing me all over
    Applauding at how I've finally forgotten her

    Right now it's impossible for me to feel pain
    Neither heart nor soul can be hurt anymore
    Just the rain softly kissing my face
    I open my arms to its frigid embrace

    What I'm feeling now, I just can't explain
    An undying devotion for that which I adore
    Rainfall breaks the silence; such a heavenly sound
    I never noticed that I hit the ground

    Again I walk in the endless rain...
    Again I forget just how much I'm crying...

    Author's notes: nothing to say about this. Another breakup-ish work of mine.


    Spent the years in darkness, waiting for the light of day
    Our eyes met in that meeting of chance
    Been dead for a while, but now I've been reborn
    Like the clear blue sky after the storm

    I didn't know this would happen; forgot that Fate loves to play
    I welcomed it though it wasn't one of my plans
    I lost my mind once my eyes caught your face
    There's no way I'll let this shot go to waste

    Couldn't think straight as I rolled on away
    I can't say how utterly I was entranced
    So now I'm typing this tribute to you
    For someone incomparable, it's the least I can do

    Spent the years in darkness, waiting for the light of day
    And I know that your beautiful visage will remain...


    I see your face through a window
    Yet the window seems not there
    Like I'm carressing you with an unyielding gaze
    And right now I've lost all notion of time and space

    Thinking of what we could do tomorrow
    Should we go out to a movie or perhaps, a fair?
    There's something I've wanted to tell you all this time
    So just hear me out and listen to this rhyme

    No more hurt for me, or sorrow
    Happiness for me is but to stare
    At your beautiful face smiling up at me
    But then, a thought occurs to me suddenly...

    I see your face through a window...
    And I can't reach it though I try...


    Stargazing for me tonight
    Amidst the sacred stillness
    Just the wind caressing me right now
    I should be perfectly happy, somehow

    Yet bliss escapes me; it isn't right
    And the stars themselves seem lifeless
    It's darker than usual; the moon won't show
    So, why can't I smile? ...I don't really know

    Dead and lightless, the stars that once shone bright
    The night sky's beautiful yet soulless
    Something's not right; there's something missing
    And just like that, realization sends me reeling

    Stargazing for me tonight...
    But why aren't you beside me?


    Trapped in this imitation of hell
    Yet the torment seems like the real thing
    Bullets and blades that rend my soul
    A merciless dragon that swallows me whole

    Why am I here? ...I can't tell
    There seems no end to my maiming
    What did I do to deserve this fate?
    Or do the heavens regard me with contempt and hate?

    For so long, this pain I've held
    Why isn't this butchery ending?
    I've been abandoned by my valkyrie
    And still Death refuses to come to me

    Trapped in this imitation of hell
    Someone kill me and be done with it...

    (Note: some words/phrases in the following work may not be suitable for young readers.)


    Have you any idea just what you do to me?
    In the middle of the night when I wake up suddenly?
    Just the thought of you sends my heart palpitating
    The temperature drops and my pupils start dilating
    And even the breeze seems to whisper your name
    The memories of you about to drive me insane
    Lost in you, right now I'm feeling so stupid
    And everyone asks me if you're really worth it
    Well of course you are, you just happen to be my goddess
    Why else do you think you cause me such distress?

    I want you to know that I'll always be around for you
    I set the grounds for your return; there's nothing else that I could do
    I'm just lying in bed if you want to come home
    There's not much to do when you're all alone

    What the hell are you, you drive me so crazy
    I'll be your slave, you just have to sedate me
    Every waking moment you're on my mind
    I just feel like giving something back this time
    My mind's a broken record that can only play your voice
    But I still wouldn't fix it even if I had a choice
    My eyes could just pop every time I see your face
    That image of you, it's something I can't erase
    And at night you make me wanna do my dance
    Doing it again with you's just one of my plans (ch, then Br)

    But it's been five years now, you're still not here
    I ain't cryin'; I'm too old for the tears
    Christ knows that all I've done was for you
    But if I'll never see you again, there's nothing I can do

    Chorus-fin (2x)
    How stupid of me to think that I might have a chance with you
    I've been such an idiot to get screwed, to get fooled
    I can't lie to myself that you'll ever come home
    I might as well have just gone and got stoned

    Have you any idea just what you do to me?
    Every night, all I do is whack off to your memory...

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    Re: Dirges of a Konvict

    waw very good nice job its verry verry good i likeit
    Y'm an angel lost in supreme war betwen hell and heaven

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    Re: Dirges of a Konvict

    Traffic Lights


    Rumblin' on, as I'm ridin' on
    It's so dark, I'm wond'ring if the day's already gone
    And everybody's rushin', to go just where they need to go
    Don't ask me where they're goin', 'cuz frankly I don't even know
    But it's pretty damn obvious that the sky's about to fall
    And some of us haven't even got nowhere to sleep at all
    So I'm rushin' on home, I don't wanna get caught in the rain
    It's pretty obvious why, I don't think I still need to explain
    'Cuz we know it's pretty hard to get sick in these times
    And even sitting warm and dry, writing this rhyme
    I'm starin' outside; I can't think straight
    There's a little kid outside but it's getting pretty late...

    Can someone please explain to me why
    Sometimes it's like I've been screwed from behind?
    Can I take much more? ...I feel so harassed
    What am I saying, why'd I even bother to ask?
    I've learned long ago, life's a bitch sometimes
    So just listen to what else I'm gonna say in this rhyme...

    Looking at the little kid, it made me stop to think
    That some of us in this world don't even have a thing
    And here I am acting like it don't mean jack
    Just how lucky I am; I think I've been whacked
    It's been right in front of me, so why didn't I realize?
    Hell, I didn't even know it 'til I looked into his eyes
    And right then, right there, that was when it hit
    That I'm sitting right here on my ass and wasting all this shit
    So why, just why, could I have been so blind?
    I've been wasting my entire life, only to find
    That some other people living haven't got it good like me
    But I wonder why it took me so long just to see...?

    And all these revelations as I looked into his eyes
    I've been stupid all along, but I've finally realized
    ...But just like that, the light switched to green
    I left the kid behind and I don't think I'll ever see him but... (R twice)
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