I tried to stay happy
But I keep falling
In misery

Was love turned out to be
A fairy tale?
Its very hard and stale.

It's cold when I'm alone
In the darkness
Hate to harness

I've tried to keep moving
Its something keep dragging me back
Its your love
And I can't.....attack

If only I left you alone
But I can't
I watch from afar
Like a ant.

You crushed my heart
Thrown me away
I cried so hard
Almost everyday

I only wanted to feel that love
But I can't

I can't

If only you knew what happened
Of what I felt like
But you only burn those around you
It's a feeling of what I dislike.

I feel the burning through my veins
My skin stained my own blood
My eye's became dark and hollowed
It became a disaster flood.