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Thread: Divinity For The Divine

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    Divinity For The Divine

    My eyes buzz around my room looking
    for something different I might have missed.

    This place is turning to black and white.

    The world's been acting rather strange.

    I've fallen down a rabbit hole where
    everything is crowded together abrasively.

    The devil and I have finally compromised,
    midnight has come, it's time for my retreat.

    My lungs are on fire,
    I think they might burn through.

    I hold my teacup sideways waiting
    for him to say something important I'll believe.

    He sits there quietly without a world to me.

    His silence makes me feel ugly and wrong,
    my voice shakes "I'm through with you this time, this is where I belong."

    Choking on the words falling off my tounge,
    it's easier this way, it has been too long.
    Dear Dinah...

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    Re: Divinity For The Divine

    wow very good work on this altough its a little off the rhyming but still good work i love it keep it up very emotional good work
    ♥~*The Princess*~♥
    Yeah, Bye.

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