LIke pouring rain out my window , the tears
flow down my cheek i think of how we just let
go never looking back again. I always think of
how we were and things just went to hell and we
just moved on.

It stung like a red hot metal pressed to my skin
when i realised what i had done, though no regrets
left my thoughts or my words. Everything just seems
old how time just makes those things fade away im
moving on with no remorse , how sad is that?

My ramblings they keep me going though there pointless
to someone else , it makes me wonder if i was wrong when
i agreed to let you go and let me life just fall apart because
of life. Never do i live with my regret of loosing you.

Here i am thinking back on things that are better left alone,
like putting salt on a wound i go back and try to reply what went
wrong , is that regret? or is it me just looking for sympathy from
a stranger in the dark?
__________________________________________________ ________
Everyone can either regret what they did in the past and let it consume
them or they can move on this poem is about being so lost from a bad
choice that its hard to tell weither its regret or just needing a stranger
telling you everything is fine so the regret can be forgotten.

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