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Thread: Don't Need You

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    Don't Need You

    I don't need you.
    So far you can see that,
    staying alive is something that I do.

    Though not a dime to me,
    I'm alive and well you see.
    You can never take me down,
    all the way to the broken and shattered ground.

    The monetary would be nice,
    but it will always create an evil vise.
    So watch me live without it a while,
    and see what it takes to bring me down.

    Sure a sadness and lonliness will befall me,
    but I have a girl who will love me eternally.

    See if I don't live forever,
    with a small time fair,
    and kill the never.

    Just watch as I keep from the dirt below,
    as I continue,
    and happily go...

    ...through the pain,
    and the strife from before,
    but this world won't hurt me,

    I'll live,
    and soon work again,
    and then I'll get back,
    what is owed by friends.

    I'll live and then money,
    you'll see.
    I'm less in the need of you,
    and you're more in the need of me..........

    White Rose, Justin McCormick @};-

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    Re: Don't Need You

    Good poem if a bit long. There is a funny comment I remember about money. A lot will not make you happy but too little can make you sad.

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    Re: Don't Need You

    That's a sweet poem, and I'm sure there are a lot of people who can relate to it too. I agree completely, money can't by happiness. You only need enough to get you by, as long as you have everyone who matters to you in your life. Money can only mask pain by temporary joy, but it doesn't last. Thank you for writing this.
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    Re: Don't Need You

    Nice poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mada mada dane!!!!!!!!

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