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Thread: DONT Rush Me!

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    Re: DONT Rush Me!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ichigo_06 View Post
    I liked it too and to tell yo uthe truth when I am rushed I go slower. I dont like it either unless I have to. keep up the work there bratling
    I don't go slower. But I get frustrated and often mess up and end up late or forgetting something and being uber bitchy then. Atomik_sprout is good for being turtle like when you try to rush him. He does it on purpose.
    Quote Originally Posted by highteckdudu View Post
    I see anger! Frustration! Well Duh! I like this one it expressed alot of feelings keepit up! Cant wait for more! I always look forward to your work!
    Yeah... I'd rather be angry then hurt. I think it suites me better. Too bad the only one to be angrry at is myself.
    I'll keep writing. But I'ma be away for a few days. And then I'm goin' to CO in the begaining of december. I need a vacation so I'm glad I'm getting one.

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    Re: DONT Rush Me!

    yeah I do it on purpose to just to piss them off. hum and good luck in colorado. I used to live there. looking forward to more poems too.
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