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    Post Downfall

    I wonder how you sleep
    I wonder what you think of me
    If I could go back
    Would you have ever been with me?

    I want you to be unused
    I want you to remember
    I want you to believe in me
    I want you on my side

    Come on and lay it down
    I've always been with you
    Here and now
    Give all that's within you
    Be my savior
    And I'll be your downfall

    There we go again
    Ashamed of bein' broken in
    We're gettin' off track
    I wanna get you back again

    I want you to trouble me
    I want you to linger
    I want you to agree with me
    I want so much, so bad.

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    Re: Downfall

    Nice to see you also like Machbox Twenty.


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